You just picked up your puppy and are headed home! Here are some pointers to keep your puppy safe:

1. Don't let your puppy potty in HIGH TRAFFIC areas!
Find a back road, pull off and let them potty off a country road!
Many diseases that can be fatal to a puppy can be contracted to other HIGH TRAFFIC dog areas, Such as:
Dog parks, Rest Areas, Next to gas stations, Parks, and by Farm Feed Stores.
Your puppy has had started it's booster vaccinations, but is only starting to build an immunity against these diseases!
So please, do your best to prevent contact with them!  Keep your puppy Safe!

2.Keep a collar and leash on your puppy on the trip home!
Your puppy wont be very adjusted to it, that is ok.  Let them lead you around, a 6ft. Leash is best.  One that is light weight to start.  You can get a larger and much heaver leash when your pup grows more.
You don't want your puppy to see a distraction and run away from you to encounter it.  
Your puppy needs to stay right with you, or just a bit away to go potty!

3. Don't take your puppy to meet everyone, not just yet!
Your puppy, as said above is just building an immunity.  Friends can wait until your puppy is 16 weeks old to interact with it.  It's hard, puppies are so darn cute.  But remember.  They can get sick, just like people and it is your job to keep them safe!  Wait until your puppy is fully vaccinated, that usually happens around 16 weeks old.

4. STAY away from GOOSE POOP!!!
Yes, goose poop!  You can find it all over parks.  But did you know it contains a bacteria that can make your puppy very very sick.  In some cases causing death when not treated quickly enough. 

5. Stay away from PET STORES and Dog Parks until 16 weeks of age!

6. Don't forget.  Your puppy will be due for a Vet Visit at 11 weeks old!

7. Your puppy will need to see the Vet again so schedule an appointment for the next booster shots and de-worming!

8. I recommend not to give any heart-worm preventative to your puppy until they reach 6 months of age.  Most likely your puppy will not be in contact with mosquitoes and the larva.   Make sure to always provide FRESH WATER to your puppy.  Don't let them drink from ponds and standing water left out for days.  

9. I recommend to use a natural alternative for fleas and ticks.

10. DO, start your puppy on a vitamin for proper growth!
I give all of my puppies until 2 years of age the following:
Fed twice daily
Kibble (High Quality)
1 Ester-C daily (I break it in 1/2) and feed 1/2 pill each feeding.
Beef Gelatin Powder (I give 1/4 cup daily) 1/8th each feeding.
Puppy Vitamin (We Like: THIS ONE)
Egg Shell Powder (1/2 tsp) with feeding.  Quality calcium is very important for skeletal and Joint Development!  But too much Calcium can hurt a growing puppy, so do not over do it!  
We make our very own here!

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