Before you buy a new puppy...

Before you purchase a puppy please do your research on the breed you are choosing.  They are all so different.   I have created this page to make it easier on your decision.  

A German Shepherd puppy is a (High Energy Level) dog and pup.  They require daily exercise and brain stimulation.  (Training) 

Before you purchase a German Shepherd puppy please go through this page and visit all the information we have provided for you, including links and videos.

Always remember your choice of ADOPTION.  There are many German Shepherd dogs and pups in Shelters and Rescues all over the US.   If you think you are interested in Adopting a dog/puppy over purchasing a puppy from a reputable breeder, please contact me and I will help you in your search for a German Shepherd Dog.

In my opinion only, stay away from PET STORES and PET SHOPS.  Many of these puppies come from Breeders who do not test for breed specific genetic diseases that can lead to heartache and many expensive health issues down the road.  At times resulting in the hard decision of euthanasia of your pet.  Many of these puppies are not properly socialized which will lead to future temperament problems.

When choosing a puppy from a breeder follow a few small rules:

1st-If you are not located close to the Breeder ask for pictures, pedigree and copies of genetic breed testing.  Pay close attention to what the dog looks like in the pictures.  Coat, eyes, posture.  Is the dog on a chain?  What does the facility in the background look like?  A Good Breeder will get you all the information you need to know about the parents of your new pup.

2nd-A good Breeder will not release a puppy into it's new home until at least 8 wks. of age.  At times 12-  14 wks of age.  Please be patient when it comes time to pick out and pick up your new puppy.  The 1st and 2nd pick spots make me reserved for working type dogs.  They can take a bit longer to choose based on individual evaluations of the puppies.

-Good Breeders follow a Vaccination schedule with puppies before they ever go into new homes.  They also will have de-wormed your puppy following a schedule!

4th-Diet, What does the Breeder feed to there pregnant bitches and puppies.  Malnutrition in puppies can lead to many health risks in the future.  Ask the Breeder questions about what they feed the dogs in the breeding program.  Also ask what kind of food you will need to purchase to start your puppy into an easy transition avoiding any stomach upset when you bring them home.

5th- Dig deep!  Ask many questions and if you don't get all the answers you are looking for (Do not use this Breeder)!  

Taylor's German Shepherds / Weizenfelder Kennel is a Licensed facility located in Lindsborg, KS and we try our best to produce Healthy and Temperamentally sound dogs!

Below are NOT our videos!  They sure are good ones though!

LINKS *UNDER CONSTRUCTION* (Dog Breed Selector) (AKC - German Shepherd Dog) (GSD Diseases) (EPI in German Shepherd Dogs) (Breed Quiz) - (Trouble with your GSD pups EARS!) - (Breeder and Trainer in Kansas we Highly recommend)

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