Below is the Puppy Pick Up date!

This is when you get to pick up your puppy.

At this visit we will enroll the puppies micro-chip into your name. (Paid for by this Breeder)

Go over the AKC Registration and Vaccination Paperwork.

Bring any questions you may have to this appointment!


Visit the schedule below and let us know if any open slot will work for your family to come pick up your puppy!

Sunday, May 24th, 2020

10 a.m. -

11 a.m. - Criqui (3rd Pick Male)

Noon -

1 p.m. -

2 p.m. -

3 p.m. -

4 p.m. - 

5 p.m. -

6 p.m. - 

7 p.m. -