We will possibly have 2 Fall Litters (2023)

Below you will find posted our Future Litters

Future Breeding Plans

IMPORTANT: Unlike other breeders, we do not take any money from you (deposit) unless we know 100% that we will have a puppy for you!

I hear too many times "A breeder took our Deposit years ago and we still have never gotten a puppy!"

You do not have to worry about that with us.  If you are on our waiting list and find
another puppy before we have one available for you, no money has changed hands.  
We know times are hard enough.  We don't want to hold your money until we
can Guarantee a beautiful puppy for you!

  We do keep a contact / waiting list.  We go down that list in order of initial contact with us.

A deposit of $300 will only be taken when a pregnancy has been confirmed.

At times we wait even further to take deposits until the litter has arrived, so we know genders.

We only pull from our Waiting List!

So please, if you are wanting a GSD puppy, send us an email to be added to our list!

Below you will find some of our future breeding plans.
Please keep in mind things can change! 
At times pregnancies do not take place for many reasons.
But this will give you a good idea of the plans we do have in place for our future litters!

We will keep this page updated!
Email is to be placed on our contact/waiting list: weizenfelder@yahoo.com