We made this page for everyone who has a dog from our Kennel, out of these dogs below.  
We don't want any of these Amazing Dogs EVER forgotten!
If you have a puppy that has one of these amazing dogs in the pedigree, you found the right page!
This page is for you too!

Ava's Schatz Von Der Weizenfelder
 Call name "Ava" or "Avalee"
Miss Ava is an American Line girl.
However, if you go back generations you will find some pretty neat dogs! 
She has the Gift to Gab!
One of the most talkative dogs I have ever owned.
70lbs.  Large for a female GSD.
Med Prey Drive & High Ball/Toy Drive!
We had one amazing litter from her then she was spayed.
Just a spoiled House Dog from this day forward!
If you are someone that has a puppy from her, you know just how lucky you are!
Wisdom Panel CLEAR all diseases/ traits they test for
Including DM: Clear
Her Pedigree can be seen Below

"Geschenk aka Meiko"
Meiko vom Zellwaldrand

Meiko was imported from Germany when he was 12 weeks old.
OFA: Fair Hips
DM Clear
Carried for Long coat and Liver

West German lines.

Retired in 2021.

Meiko will live out his life with us, here on the farm.
Our lives are complete with him here. 
He is beyond, the best German Shepherd I have ever owned.

If you are lucky enough to have one of his offspring, you know exactly
how amazing your dogs is!

His call name is Geschenk. Meaning "Gift" in German.

He truly has been a gift to us and our family.

We plan to carry his line with us for many years to come.

As of January 2024, Mr. G aka (Meiko, G.Man, Geschenk, Bubby and Best Man) still lives at the farm with us.  If you saw him today, you would think he was 8-9 years old.  NOT 13 years old.  He is strong and healthy.
Apollo Djangohaus Weizenurt

Apollo is out of our late Sire "Django" and an outside Dam we 
provided a stud service for years ago.
We were allowed to have a litter with him in 2022 before he was neutered.

OFA: Hips Excellent
DM: Clear

He is a great representation of the dogs we produce.
Apollo is High Drive

Apollo has now been Neutered and is just a lovable pet!
We are blessed that we were allowed to produce one Quality Litter with him!

Gaia's Schwarz Gewitter von der Weizenfelder

Now owned by a Breeder in NY

DM Clear
OFA Hips: Fair
OFA Elbows: Normal

Stunning girl!  This was a very hard decision to make.  We decided to downsize in 2023 to focus more on family.  A good friend and good breeder in NY was offered our STORM!
We can't wait to see the amazing puppies she continues to produce with their small
hobby kennel!

Gonna Getcha Diesel von der Weizenfelder

Diesel has been retired from our Breeding Program!
OFA: Good Hips
DM Clear

Diesel is an EXTREME DRIVE & strong dog, bred by Prestige Kennels in Central Kansas.  
A good breeder and good friend!  
She has produced some of the most amazing dogs I have laid eyes on!

We have been beyond blessed to own Diesel and produce a few quality litters of puppies from him.
As of 01/2024 you will no longer see any litters from him.

Geiger Sturm Von Der Weizenfelder

*Geiger has been placed with another Breeder*
OFA: Good/Normal
DM Clear

Geiger was born here, bred by us. 
He is out of our DDR line Female "Gaia" who is now retired.
His Sire is our German Import "Meiko v. Zellwaldrand"

Geiger now lives with another Quality Breeder.  This was not an easy decision to make.
As bad as we wanted more litters from him, sadly we had no females we could breed him with because we have kept back so much of his AMAZING LINE!

A new male is being brought in and Mr. Geiger is now owned by an amazing breeder in another state.  We are going to continue to follow him and his puppies.

We miss this boy!  The good thing is, we can still use him for breeding services down the road if we want too!  This is not the end of Geiger Puppies.  This is just the end of his puppies with us.  If you do want one of his puppies, reach out to me.  
I can connect you with his new Breeder!

Max von Schneiden Dejeu

Max was used in two breeding's with us.  We love his pups!  
Wow, they were super nice!

OFA: Fair Hips
DM Clear

Trinity Rai Von Der Weizenfelder

Beautiful "Trin" girl, is now RETIRED!
DM Clear
OFA Hips: Excellent

Prestige Raven
Bi-Color Girl  
Raven produced many amazing litters of puppies with us.
She has a very strong Herding Instinct she passed to her puppies.
A few of her puppies are in Herding trails and doing great.
She was protective, possessive and strong minded.

She is now living the good life on a farm with a friend of ours.
She is spoiled rotten and enjoys trips to the creek to play in the water.
DM Clear

We loved her so much, we kept back a female puppy from her and Meiko.
Her daughter "Ani" continues her lines with us in 2023.

Gassi Z Jirkova Dvora
Czech Import  
Solid black beautiful girl.  
We called her our "Hippy Girl" for a good reason.
DM Clear
0/0 - Hips/Elbows
Carried for Long Coat

Royal Zena Von Fleischerhiem


Wonderful German line girl.
OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
DM: Clear

Django von der Weizenfelder from the Southland

Django was the Sire to many of our wonderful puppies.
One of the best dogs we have ever owned!
Django has crossed the rainbow bridge.

OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
DM: Clear
Carried for Long Coat

Nevada Rain von der Weizenfelder
Nevada has crossed the Rainbow Bridge January of 2024.

DM: Clear by parentage

Lilly von der Weizenfelder

Lilly was 1/3 German Line and mostly American Line.

We loved her so much as her ball/toy drive was through the roof!

Lilly has now crossed the rainbow bridge.

OFA: Hips: Good

Elbows: Normal

DM: Clear


Carried for Long Coat

Mikannes Cherub Z von Dak


Retired May of 2018

Kinna has now crossed the rainbow bridge. 

Mikannes Cherub Z von Dak is a powerful girl, compact and packs a punch!
You can find her puppies all over the US in many walks of life and jobs!

is a Dual Purpose K9!

OFA HIPS: Excellent
OFA: Elbows Normal
DM: Clear


Gaia von der Weizenfelder


DDR Line

We own her son "Geiger Sturm von der Weizenfelder"

DM Clear


Nora of Belle Plaine

American Show Line GSD

Ginger crossed the rainbow bridge in 2021.

She is dearly missed.

Sired by: CH Carwin's When They Call My Name

DM: Clear


Taylors Apollo von der Weizenfelder


Working Line / West German 
He now lives with an adoptive family who updates me quite often!  
He is a wonderful boy.

Apollo has now crossed the rainbow bridge.

OFA Normal Elbows
DM Clear



Roxi vom Mystical Haus

Working Line GSD 

Roxi was an awesome mom, one of our best ever.

Roxi crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 11 years old. 

OFA Normal Elbows
DM Clear



Goldy vom Wild Wibb

Serbian Import


We had Goldy sent to us from Serbia.  
When we finally got her here we had her tested for DM.

Goldy is DM: A/A

Which means every dog she produces will be at least a Carrier of this disease!
We made the super hard decision to spay her.

In 2021 Goldy lost her battle to DM... She crossed the rainbow bridge.

This is why we test.

No dog ever needs to suffer and die from this terrible disease.


Taylor's Noble Titan of Artica

Titan produced a few litters with us then was retired.

Beautiful American line boy.



Nina vom Haus Salztalblick 

Nina was a German Import I acquired late in her life.  
Only having a few litters with her she was retired shortly after.

She has now passed the Rainbow Bridge.

Nina had the most loving disposition.  She didn't know an enemy!

Until we meet again sweet Angel.



This was my 1st German Shepherd!

He has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge

"Bad Thad" we called him taught me so much about this breed.  

We had so much fun together.  He only had two litters.  None were registered.  I was very young and he was my 1st ever German Shepherd!

He has now passed the Rainbow Bridge but our memories will never be forgotten!