Our Address:

1867 Sioux Rd, Lindsborg KS 67456

My Cell (620)755-3490


GPS always takes everyone down 19th.  

Do NOT take 19th it’s an old country unmaintained road.  YOU MIGHT GET STUCK!

ONLY take 18th to Sioux Rd.

Puppy Buyer Information


It will answer most of your questions!

You have chosen to purchase a puppy from us.
Please continue to read all of the information below.

Below you will find probably too much info!  Take your time.  

We want our puppies to have wonderful lives.  This journey starts with us as the breeder. 
It ends with you, the new owner.  We fully trust that you are getting prepared for this new puppy. 
Maybe some of the info below will help you.

Pick Up Day – What do you need to bring?

Final Payment:

1st bring the final payment.  WE DO NOT accept checks.

Our preferred method of payment is cash. 

We do understand that some may travel very far to pick up their puppy and it’s not safe to carry that much cash.  For those of you who travel far, we can accept PayPal or Card. 
We have fees that add up when using both of those so when possible please pay in cash.  

If you are not comfortable carrying the puppy back home with you on a passenger’s lap please bring a crate. 
A medium-intermediate size crate is good.  Place a towel inside. 
Bring a second towel just in case a replacement is needed.

If you are driving far and must travel with your puppy over a few hours you can bring a dish and a bottle of water. 
It is a good idea to purchase some canine electrolyte for your new puppy. Transition into a new environment can cause stress and runny stools.  Electrolytes can help balance this out and keep the stress down.  We recommend giving your puppy electrolytes for the first few weeks in the new home with you. 
Below you will see an example of an electrolyte powder we like!

To have it on hand when you bring your puppy home, order it now. 

You may click on any of the pictures below to be taken to the website/page that provides more info!

Bring paper towels and gallon-sized zip-lock bags so if your puppy has a mess in the car you can pull over and clean it up with the paper towels and seal the mess into a zip-lock bag to dispose of when you get home.

We like to use Simple Green.  It’s non-toxic and very good at cleaning up puppy messes. 
Bring a spray bottle along with you to clean up any mess this puppy makes.

You can bring more and you can bring less.  Just use good judgment. 
A lot of this is determined by how far you have to travel with your new puppy.

You will be given a puppy pack on the day of pick up.

This pack includes:
*Starter Food / Diamond Naturals mixed with Victor High Energy*

We will be sending you home with a small bag of this food for easy transition and potty training.

It is still a good idea to go purchase a bag of your own to have when the small bag we send home with you is all gone.

We do a 50/50 mix of both foods and send a starter bag with you in the puppy pack.

We recommend feeding One or the other foods when you get your puppy home.

No need to continue and mix.

Unless you want too!

We mix for all of our puppies until they are 6 months of age then move over to just the Victor High Energy!

All of our adult German Shepherd dogs eat Victor High Energy.

We highly recommend (Sure Grow 100 Supplement) for all of our puppies and your puppy pack will have a week supply in it.  Please get a bottle ordered NOW for your puppy!  Click the picture below to Order! 

Every puppy we raise stays on these chewable tablets until they turn 16 months of age. 
We have had wonderful results.

Dog foods are regulated to have a safe amount of calcium in them just in case a small breed dog eats a large breed formula.

These fast growing larger breed dogs need more than kibble alone provides!

This is an inexpensive supplement safe from BHT that you can give your puppy.
We get NO kick backs from recommending you this supplement or any supplement on this page!

  We use them, love them and recommend them!

1 vitamin daily WITH FOOD in the morning. 
Increase to 2 tablets following recommendations on the bottle.  (When your puppy hits 30lbs).   


Another great puppy essential is Organic Cranberry Juice!

A must have in every puppy owner’s fridge.  Especially those female puppies.

It is very normal for a puppy to get a little “Puppy UTI”.

The female puppies mostly get them!  However, if you notice your puppy going pee a lot more than normal, go ahead and start this addition to their water daily.  If you see no changes in 2 weeks, visit your Veterinarian.  Antibiotics possibly will be needed.

For a week-2 weeks, dilute the cranberry juice into your puppy’s water.  

They love it!  This is very safe for your puppy and can clear up most UTI’s or small Bladder infections they may get.

Never give it straight, it is very high in sugar and not good for your puppy if given straight as it can raise their blood sugar too high.  Diluted, it is super safe!

We always keep a bottle of this brand in our refrigerator as a precaution for puppies and adult dogs too!

Lets talk about puppy POOP!

Yes, I am going to take you down the crazy road of puppy POOP. 

I would not talk about it if I didn’t care so much about these little puppies.

Loose stools can be common in puppies if they are short lived.

When you de-worm your puppy or it goes through a diet change your puppy can suffer from loose stools. 

Loose stools make it very hard to potty train a puppy.

I want you to add this to your MUST GET before puppy arrives list.

This may help make your life so much easier!

1) Whole Plain Yogurt


2)Psyllium husk powder (unflavored)

Organic is great too!  But we are ok with just “Whole Pain Yogurt”!

If you cannot find regular plain, Greek plain is a good alternative.

Regular plain has more probiotics than Greek, but when in doubt Greek works great too!

We use both quite often here.

When we have puppies.  We give it almost daily with their kibble. 

Kibble is always soaked in warm water and a few spoonful’s of Yogurt is added to the kibble.

It adds probiotics into the diet to keep that puppy tummy happy.