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Chewy *Bite Risk* 
German Shepherd / Chow / Malinois MIX

Weight 55lbs

Attended Hutchinson Kennel Club puppy kindergarten completed training on October 30, 2018
Chewy was neutered shortly after that class.

Training: Smoky Valley Dog center in Lindsborg (Jeff and Marla Patrick) this was last winter (January/February). He went through their 9 day intense training program. 

Chewy is very protective! VERY!

Chewy needs a special owner (1 Owner Home).  Which is hard to find.  We know!  

Chewy has bit someone in the face that required stitches.  This person had tried to kiss him on the face.  But, it was someone that Chewy knew so it caught them very off guard.  He is a bit risk and needs structure.

He is extremely intelligent, responds well to commands, when he wears a shock collar he responds to the beep. 

When his owner (Woman) works in the yard, he roams freely, stays close to her, and follows her commands.  

Chewy tries to play with their smaller dog but the smaller dog does not like it.

Chewy is food aggressive and will guard his food (He has to be fed alone).

Weizenfelder Kennels Note: Above is an honest description of this dog.  Our listing and posting is his last chance to find an experienced home who can work with him on his aggression issues.  The Owner understands this dog is a Bite risk and wont let just anyone adopt him.  He boards and trains with Smokey Valley Dog center and the Trainer will talk to anyone seriously interested in Chewy.  Please contact me first if you may be interested in him.  I feel that he could make a great Country Protection Dog!  With so much room to run and exercise it would be great for him!  But he needs his space! He is not a dog that wants to cuddle!  He is quite the independent dog from our understanding.  The owner (Woman).  Lost her husband unexpectedly.  It's a very sad story.  She has a lot of people come in and out of her home and little children.  Now that he has bit someone it is a risk to her family.  I really don't want to see this dog be another loss for her so if you know of anyone looking for a good Country dog or Farm Hand I think he may do perfect.  I just don't think he needs to be in a home with a big family and children.  He is very much so a ONE OWNER DOG!  He is very protective and possessive.  

This is a Last Chance Posting!  Email is for more info: