Zena is available for adoption
$300 Adoption Fee (Non Negotiable)

Zena has always been a Kennel dog, far before I acquired her.  
With that being said, she loves to be in the house.
She loves Children!  She loves everyone!
She will alert and Bark if a stranger approaches her property and home.
Zena is West German Show Pedigree!
Her movement is so beautiful and stunning.

We have had a few litters with her and believe it's the right time to Retire her Early!

What a BEAUTY!

Zena is not too fond of cats but when outside with them running the farm has never tried to kill one.

I believe she could be worked around them and be fine.

Zena is OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal and Full Panel tested Normal/ Clear
DM Clear

Genetically a healthy girl!

She needs to be worked on some Potty Training, but is a super fast learner.

Zena is SPAYED!

I will need your Veterinarians Reference.
I will also do a home visit.

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